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Residential and Small Utility

Run your Daily Appliances FREE of cost during Daytime by installing roof-top Solar PV Plant.


Industrial & Commercial establishments

Conventional grid power and diesel genrator power sources has an associated risk as Grid tariffs and diesel costs are rising. In such a situation, it makes sense to power a part of load through solar, which is more reliable and cheaper source.


Solar Farms

Have a Vacant land which is not providing you profit. Lease it to us or Develop a Solar Farm on it and convert that Unprofitable land to Profitable.


Solar for Home

Have a Vacant land which is not providing you profit. Lease it to us or Develop a Solar Farm on it and convert that Unprofitable land to Profitable.


Solar Panels

High Quality 12V Solar panels - 10W, 20W, 40W, 80W, 100W, 150W.
High Quality 24V Solar Panels - 250W and 300W.

All panels will be of Su-kam make.
Certification : IEC 61215 standards, IEC 61730-1 & 2, IEC 60904-1, CE certificate, MNRE, Gov. of India approved


Solar Grid-tied Inverters

A solar Grid-tied Inverter is operates at a lower, safer voltage from the PV array, with the advantage of reliability. Efficency of inverter ranges from 96% - 98.2%

Single Phase - String Inverter: 1Kwp, 1.5kwp, 2kwp, 3kwp, 5kwp
Three Phase - String inverter: 10kWp, 20kWp
Three Phase - Central Inverter: 50kWp, 100kWp,250kWp,500kWp,630kWp


Solar Power Conditioning Unit

Solar Power conditioning unit (PCU) is an integrated system consisting of a solar charge controller, inverter and a Grid charger.It provides facility to charge battery through solar or Grid / DG set


Solar Home Lighting System

Home Lighting system are cost effective DC system which harness sun energy to light your home and run small power appliances.


Solar Batteries

Su-kam solar batteries are specially designed for optimum performance, very long life, high reliability, low self discharge and quick charging capability.


Solar Street Light

We Provide Centralized Street Light Solutions as well as standalone (Built in batteries) Street light system.


About Us

Shantiniketan R-energy

Shantiniketan R-energy provides consulting services as well as solar power to industrial, institutional, commercial and residential establishment in India.

Shantiniketan R-energy believes in delivering Quality Products and so we are auhorized Channel Partner of Su-Kam Power System Ltd.

Based in Gujarat. Shantiniketan R-energy is a company driven by customer satisfaction. We are committed to provide a truely comprehensive end to end solutions for solar PV projects. We are enable by a rich network of industry expert, government officials, investors, financing institution and other key stakeholders in Indian solar market. Our expertise and research is strength by in-house knowledge resources.

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