Industrial and Commercial establishment

Replace Grid and Diesel with cheaper Solar

Manufacturig Industries usually have high electric load requirements and so do not rely on one source of power. Easily available Electric source are Conventional Grid Power and Diesel Power Generation, but Grid tarif as well as Diesel price both are rising. In such situation it makes sense to power a part of the load through solar, which is a more reliable and cheaper source.Shantiniketan R-energy usually recommends that industrial consumers shift upto 20% of their base load on solar. This not only helps in savings on grid tariff, but also help keep the generator load running at optimum efficiency.

The tariff charged to commercial establishments in the country is higher than industrial or domestic consumers. The commercial tariff of grid-supplied electricity is at all-time high, with more than 30% increase in just last 3 years. And the tariff is expected to further increase over the coming years. With the lowest ever cost, the solar PV systems will earn the money back in as less as 4 years. Cost of solar energy is already lower than that of diesel generators, and in most places, lower than the commercial tariff.

Shantiniketan Renergy can provide you with a high quality, value for money, and-to-end solution for your needs.