Solor Solution for Home

1. Grid Tied Solar for home:

Many homeowners who live in metro cities run their houses on Grid-tie solar system. This is a battery-less system that consists of grid-tie inverter and solar panels. This system is maintenance-free and helps in saving money on electricity as you generate your own electricity through solar.

2. Off-Grid Solar for home with PCU

Off-grid solar is the most widely used solar power system by Rural homeowners in India. It is suitable for areas that face frequent powercuts because it lets you save extra solar energy in batteries which could be used during powercuts.

3.Converting Ordinary Home Inverter and Battery into Solar System

With Su-Kam's solar conversion kit and solar charge controllers, any ordinary inverter or battery can be converted into solar power system.

Shantiniketan R-energy will suggest you according to your requirements the best way to Go Green and also help you to save on Power cost.